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Sarajevo City Pass 72h
May 10, 2018
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Sarajevo City Pass 24h
May 23, 2018

Sarajevo City Pass 48h



48h city pass includes the following discounts/free entries

VenueRegular pricePrice with 48h PassYour discount
SIM card with 1 GB of free mobile data5,00 BAM /≈2,50€Free100%
1878-1918 Museum4,00 BAM /≈2,00€Free100%
Svrzo House3,00 BAM /≈1,50€Free100%
Jewish Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina3,00 BAM /≈1,50€Free100%
Despić House3,00 BAM /≈1,50€Free100%
Brusa Bezistan Museum3,00 BAM /≈1,50€Free100%
Free Ćevapčići at Ćevabdžinica Trica3,50 BAM /≈1,75€Free100%
War Childhood Museum10,00 BAM /≈5,00€3,00 BAM*** /≈1,50€70%
Valter brani Sarajevo Museum10,00 BAM /≈5,00€5,00 BAM*** /≈2,50€50%
Sarajevo Brewery Museum 3,00 BAM /≈1,50€1,00 BAM /≈0,50€66%
National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina5,00 BAM /≈2,50€2,00 BAM /≈1,00€60%
Museum of Literature & Performing Arts5,00 BAM /≈2,50€2,00 BAM /≈1,00€60%
History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina7,00 BAM /≈3,50€4,00 BAM /≈2,00€≈40%
Museum Of Crimes Against Humanity And Genocide 1992-199510,00 BAM /≈5,00€6,00 BAM /≈3,00€40%
Sevdah Art House5,00 BAM /≈1,50€3,00 BAM* /≈1,50€40%
Bosniak Institute6,00 BAM /≈3,00€4,00 BAM /≈2,00€33%
Jewish Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina8,00 BAM /≈4,00€6,00 BAM /≈3,00€25%
Museum of Alija Izetbegović4,00 BAM /≈2,00€3,00 BAM /≈1,50€25%
Times of Misfortune (Insider City Tours)54,00 BAM /≈27,00€40,00 BAM /≈20,00€25%
Grand Tour (Insider City Tours)24,00 BAM/≈12,00€18,00 BAM/≈9,00€25%
Sarajevo City Hall10,00 BAM /≈5,00€8,00 BAM /≈4,00€20%
Gallery 11/07/9512,00 BAM /≈6,00€11,00 BAM /≈5,50€8%
Sarajevo Gourmet Food & City Tour / Balkan BBQ & Beer City Tour / Rakija Tasting and Sarajevo City Tour (Balkantina)20%
Restaurant Park prinčeva20% on food and drinking
Souvenir shop near Gazi Husrev beys mosque20% on all products in shop
Insider City Tours & Excursions15% on all tours and excursions besides abovementioned
Sunnyland Trebević - Alpine Coaster10% on alpine coaster ride
Artisan shop Brkanić10% on all products in shop
Fox in a Box10% on escape room games
Artisan shop Goro10% on all products in shop
Artisan shop Kreativ Hobby10% on all products in shop
Jewelry shop Sofić10% on all products in shop
Apetit Restaurant10% on food and drinking
Highlander Adventures10% on all tours
Franz & Sophie10% on all products
Sarajevo Clover (Try B&H)10% on all products
With our 48h Sarajevo City Pass you can save up to 90,00 BAM /≈45,00€
* In Sevdah Art House only with Sarajevo City Pass you get additional discount of 20% in souvenir shop.
*** You also get 10% discount on all souvenirs in War Childhood Museum shop.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that payment in Euro currency (€) is only possible for online purchases.

With 48h/72h Sarajevo City Pass you get free SIM package with mobile data Internet (you can pick it up at the Insider City Tours & Excursions)

This is basic pass that last 24 hours. With this card you have discount while buying tickets in:

Muzej Sarajeva
Zemaljski muzej BiH
Inat kuća
Umjetnička galerija BiH
GRAS tramvajski prevoz
Inat kuća
Muzej genocida
Highlander tura


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