The Old Orthodox Church in Sarajevo, which is dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel, is one of Sarajevo’s oldest houses of worship.
It is presumed that the structure was built in the middle of the 16th century and that an even older church once stood on the same spot. The church has been burned many times throughout its history, but has always been rebuilt, allowing it to retain an authentic appearance. The last reconstruction was in 1726. The church houses its own museum, which was founded in 1889 and taken from the church holdings. It was Churchwarden Jeftan Despić, a member of the famous Sarajevo Despić family, who was credited with opening the museum. Given the abundance of items contained in its collection, this museum is ranked among the five most important orthodox museums in the world. Items held by the museum include the following: old paintings, manuscripts and printed books; church tapestries and embroidery, metal items, objects used in religious services, old money, religious relics, old weapons, handmade engravings and a collection of fine stones. The most abundant items are paintings by Bosnian and foreign artists. The museum also has several valuable hand-written and printed liturgical books, with the most important one being the Sarajevo Codex, which was written on parchment in the 14th century. As for textiles, the museum has a number of embroidered items, gold brocade vestments, church drapery, embroidered and woven belts with clasps. Some of the metal items that deserve special mention include ornate crosses from the 17th and 18th centuries, hand-held censers, panagias, patens (diskoi) used when serving the Eucharistic bread, Bosnian and Venetian lamps…. As for types of currencies, the museum has quite a lot of old money issued by Turkey, Venice and the Republic of Dubrovnik, as well as money used in Austria and Serbia in more recent times.
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